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Southport v Bury 17th Oct 1942 – Match Receipts

Featured is a Match Receipts Summary for Southport’s match against Bury in the North First Championship (ending on December 25th 1942). Southport had performed well, winning 11 of their 18 matches played, and finishing in 8th position (out of 48 clubs!). Southport beat Bury 6-3 infront of a gate of 3,266, the Southport team that day being King, Kirby, Johnson, Rist, Flack, Blair, Deverall, Rothwell, Ainsley, Butler and Rawlings. Goals were scored by Ainsley (2). Rothwell (3) and Deverall. Southport had trailed to an early Bury goal, but levelled on 41 minutes before Ainsley put them 2-1 up at half-time. They then monopolised the second half to at one time lead 6-1.

Gross gate receipts of just over £196 were taken, but a whopping £61 paid in Amusement tax. This unpopular tax had been introduced in 1916 to help fund the war effort, and had primarily been aimed at the fast growing cinema market, but was to include any sporting events at which an admission charge was made, including football. It was to have been repealed in 1919, but lasted until 1960! In 1945 the Treasury received £41m from £115m gross box office revenues from cinemas alone.

Other matchday costs were far more moderate, with £2 5s 6d paid to the match officials (£2.27), £3 15s on advertising (£3.75) and £2 19s (£2.95) to the gatemen (No volunteers back then!). Police costs amounted to £1 10s (£1.50), and the visiting teams expenses (fares) £6 10s (£6.50). A further ‘tax’ of 5% (nearly £6) was paid to the Football League.

As Southport had to share 50% of the balance with Bury, they were left with £55 17s (£55.85) as a profit from the match.