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The Home of the Sandgrounders

Ash Lane 1912The National Library of Scotland have published online highly detailed Ordnance Survey maps for much of Great Britain. Maps for Southport go right back to 1848 which gives us a unique opportunity to peer into the past and see where the Sandgrounders have plied their trade over the years.

The maps available are as follows:

Lancashire LXXV
Surveyed: 1845 to 1846
Published: 1848
(obviously a football ground will not appear on this one!)

Lancashire LXXV.SW
Surveyed: 1889 to 1892
Published: 1894
Sussex Road sports ground 1894For 3 years following their formation Southport played at a sports ground in Sussex Road.
Scarisbrick New Road 1894 The Sandgrounders moved home in 1884 and played at two different grounds in Scarisbrick New Road )

Lancashire LXXV.SW
Revised: 1908 to 1909
Published: 1912
Ash Lane 1912Then known as Ash Lane, the Sandgrounders moved to their current home in 1905.

Lancashire LXXV.SW
Revised: 1926 to 1927
Published: 1929
Haig Avenue 1929 Ash Lane was split into two roads in 1921. One part was renamed Everard Road, and the other Haig Avenue.

Haig Avenue 1947Lancashire LXXV.SW
Revised: 1938
Published: 1947
A later view of Haig Avenue