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This site is an online historical record of Southport Football Club. It is a vast resource covering a lot of the history of the club. It will not be updated with the latest news, except that specifically relating to the content of the site itself.

This website would not be possible without the kind help and support of Rob Urwin, Geoff Wilde, Michael Braham and many others.

Much of the information contained on this site has been published before and is therefore available elsewhere. The aim of this site however is to pull it all together in one place, and build on it so that this becomes a complete record of every game that Southport Football Club have ever played, every player that has ever played for them and a documented history, all bundled into one.

Rob Urwin kindly provided much of the non-league data that can be seen on this website, including line-ups from every non-league game. He has spent countless hours in the library researching one of the most poorly document periods in the club’s history in order to bridge the gap and he has done a fantastic job. Whilst Rob is a first class statistician, and a very dedicated one at that, his work primarily focuses on the period since Southport left the football league. Geoff Wilde and Mike Braham are real historical fonts of knowledge about the club before this period and both have kindly given their permission for the documented player profiles and football league line ups in “the book” to be published here.

We all want the history of our club to be documented accurately so If you spot anything inaccurate please let me know and if you have any further information about any player, particularly from the non-league era, please get in touch and I will check it out. I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and suggestions for this site and if you’re lucky I might even take you up on them :).

Elsewhere online, Rob Urwin has run his fantastic statistics website (http://www.southportfcstats.co.uk) for a number of years. Rob arguably knows more about the important milestones (statistically speaking) in the clubs history than anyone else and his site is a real gem. Obviously there is also the club’s official website (http://www.southportfc.net), the Southport Visiter’s website (http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk), and the home of Trust In Yellow the independent supporter’s Trust (http://www.trustinyellow.com). All of these sites are well worth a visit

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