1881 – Southport Football Club

After a season’s absence in 1881, Southport Football Club was reformed once again as a new club, the third club to bear the name. A set of rugby fixtures was arranged for the 1881/82 season.

After only three games however, the last of which being against Bootle on 29th October, fielding two men short and losing by one goal, eight tries and eleven minor points, the team switched to association football.

The final Rugby line up against Bootle on 29th October was: W. Platt; A.J. Ross, H.M Smith, Hodson (Backs); Richardson, Gregson (three quarter backs); S. Platt, Buggins, J.G. Howard, F. Jackson, Hill, T.B. Burnett, P. Edwards (Forwards)

Liverpool Daily Post – Tuesday 01 November 1881

Nine of the team that lined lined up in their final three games went on to represent “Southport Football Club” under Association Rules.

The association team against Bootle ‘second’ on 12th November was: S. Platt (Goal), B Pidduck, J.G. Howard (Backs) P. Edwards, F. Jackson and T.B. Burnett(Captain) (Halves), J.R. Topliss and F. Holden(Rights) W. Platt(Centre) J. Melross and J. Sykes (Lefts).

The Lancashire County Rugby Football Union was formed at a meeting held at The Albion Hotel, Manchester on 22nd December 1881, but Southport was not represented.

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