The Town’s Game

The Origins of Rugby and Association Football in Southport (1872-1889)


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Written by Daniel J. Hayes
Foreword by Michael Braham

The Town’s Game traces the lineage of Southport Football Club and Southport Rugby Football Club back to the very beginning and provides a forensic examination of the origins of these sports in the town towards the end of the nineteenth century.

This book tells the story of a game that began as an unassuming winter pastime for a select few but underwent a fascinating evolution to become Southport’s most popular leisure time activity.

This book delves into the previously unknown to unearth what really happened. It’s the untold story.

David Walshe, Secret Sand Land (@hiddensouthport), author of ‘Sandy Tracks’

I think Dan has stumbled upon one of the most important historical links that I, and I am sure everyone else was unaware of. It is a significant discovery.

Michael Braham, co-author of ‘The Sandgrounders: The Complete League History of Southport FC’

The Town’s Game, by Daniel Hayes, includes results, with line-ups wherever available, for Southport Football Club (Rugby), Southport Olympic (Rugby), Southport Wasps (Rugby), Southport Hornets (Rugby), Southport Football Club (Association), Southport Wanderers (Association) and Southport Recreation (Association), between the years 1872 and 1889.

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