SRUFC 1970s & 1980s


1970/71- The club appointed its first ever trainer/coach, schoolteacher Tony Bray after five seasons with Preston Grasshoppers. Andrew Thompson breaks the first team scoring record with 121 points for the season, which he subsequently exceeded. Skipper this season was Alan Havard. Peggy Wainwright, wife of Jack, became the joint first lady vice-president along with Enid Wilson. Sylvia Ratcliffe and Audrey Bretherton also at the heart of things.

1971/72 – Then longest playing member Jeff Windle can remember playing and beating an Orrell 2nd team in the 1960’s. It’s true, but not in the 60’s but on 4th September 1971 complete with a match report in the Visitor. Team mate Graham Thompson recollects “Our finest hour. Not the 1960s as on the club website. Almost 40 years ago. Hope all’s well. I know Stuart Fletcher is retired in Havorfordwest but I have no idea what happened to the rest of the team. I remember Dave Richardson saying they had a Lancashire player called Phillips in their centre and that it was the first game he came to watch. He also complained that we (probably me) kicked the ball a lot. We still won, and with Thompson and Windle on the scoresheet!”

1972/73 – The club hosted Lancashire-v-Northumberland on 18th November in the centenary year. A commemorative brochure is published.

1974/75 – Captained by Julian McInerney Southport Colts were the first ever winners of the Lancashire Colts Cup. Team member Keith Rich, now living in Dubai recollects “…. all the odds were against us, we were the underdogs, the teams we played, in the main, were all better than us on paper, except for one thing we played as a team of 15. Not forwards and backs – one team…. All 15 giving 110% made us 17 or 18 young men on the pitch……this was, in my opinion, the main reason we did so well. I believe that if every player plays their part and gives 100+% then “miracles’ can, do and did happen. We often talk today about teams being “hungry” and it is this effort by all on the team that that comes through as “hunger” for success on the day. Win or lose we all played to 100%+ and could have walked off the pitch with pride even if we had lost. Pissed off yes….but still proud…Lastly I remember it being a lot of fun….the whole process in 1975 and rugby in general had a lot to do with the man I am today….still having fun….still very proud of being a Colt back in 1975….still have my 1975 winners tankard…..very battered (handle welded on….that is a story in itself….) from excess use at 20 years of Dubai 7’s……”

1979/80 – The clubhouse was refurbished. Southport win the Hightown 7s


1980/81 – Jack Glassberg becomes President (until 1984) whilst still playing!

1983 – Australia trained at Waterloo Road for three days prior to their match against The North. Mark Ella the Wallabies half-back star complimented the late lamented Margaret Jackson for her culinary skills by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. Margaret declined offers of white slavery as Gordon, her husband and then Chairman, had no use for the Dozen Sheep Dowry. In November, with Mark Greenhalgh as captain, the club was voted Junior Club of the Month by Rugby World. On 6th November a Presidents XV plays a Blowick Rugby XV for the Colin Houghton Memorial Trophy.

1984/85 – The first team were founder members of Girobank NW Division 1. Joseph Hackney became club president (1984/89). Southport won the Dave Williamson Memorial Trophy.

1985/86 – Alan Havard is instrumental in setting up a Mini and Junior Section.

1986/87- The club organises its first Mini and Junior Tournament on 20th April.

1987/88 – The first team play in Courage League NW1. Stuart Wilson became club president. After 38 years, one of his predecessors (1980-84), Jack Glassberg plays his final game for Southport at the age of 55.

1987/88 – Sixteen years old Shane Cook selected for Lancashire Colts v Lancashire Presidents XV.