Club History

Going to the match

(Written on 3.2.16) Fifty years! Even if you read it quickly it sounds like a lifetime – and it is. And yet, my recall of a Saturday fifty

What happened to Southport Vulcan?

It's now quite widely known that for a short period Southport played under the guise of"Southport Vulcan" but many people still ask the question of


Born to Lead – The Adam Flynn interview

The odds are stacked against any young player making it as a professional or semi professional footballer so the odds of, having done so, also


Bob Murphy – Gone but not Forgotten

It is sadly nearly a year since former Southport manager Bob Murphy passed away. He managed Southport during one of the darkest periods of the clubs history. Crowds

Ronnie Moore at Southport – 20 Years On

​20 years ago this month, the board at Southport were concluding their search for a new manager.  Brian Kettle had led the Sandgrounders to Northern Premier