Match Report – Southport Visiter – 30/11/1882

Southport v Bootle (Association) – the above match was played at Bootle on Saturday, and after a very fast game Bootle were left winners by seven goals to nil. Six of these were kicked by T.J.Britten, an “International”, late Captain of Park Grove Glasgow F.C., who had played twice for England v Scotland. the “Reds” had plenty of easy changes, but, as usual, the final shots were weak, and if they expect to win matches they must learn to make better shots; their dribbling and passing was very fiar and it was sheer hard luck that they did not score several times: Kay kept goal in good form. Southport: Kay, goal; Burnett, Baxter, Johnson and Parked, backs; Melross, Smalley, Ambler, Howard, Mellor, and Briggs, forwards. Bootle: jones, goal; Sloan, F.Owen, White, Young and Rogers, backs; C.Alsopp, A.Alsopp, J.Jones, Lythgoe, and T.J.Britten, forwards.