Edgar Raynor

He was a director of Southport from 1925 to 1957, the greater part of which period saw him in control as Chairman (1931-1955).

An expatriate Yorkshireman, he did incalculable work in keeping League football alive in Southport in the mid-1930s. He never sought publicity or courted popularity and was often the target for criticism, much of it totally unwarranted. He was appointed a Life Member in 1957, which position he held up to his death on March 23rd 1962, aged 81.

He showed fine sporting qualities, as exemplified by a comment he made when attending a talk given by two local referees: ‘I think we would rather lose a match than win it by ungentlemanly methods’.

A one time Town Councillor and Alderman, he was Mayor of Southport between 1947 and 1949. He was a well-known poultry and fish trader With shops in Southport and Birkdale and was also prominent in Methodist Church circles.