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Going back to basics

As you will have seen, updates on the site slowed to the point of non-existence at the end of last season. Having initially decided to close the site down I have had a bit of a change of heart. The amount of effort that went into getting the data into the site in the first place really shouldn’t be wasted and as a historical resource I would like it to still exist.
If I ever find time in between my other commitments to add more information to it I will do but in the meantime I have decided that I am just going to strip out all of the non-essential content and revamp the site to hold only historical information.
Detailed history (season by season) including records of players and matches will obviously stay but any additional articles will only be added If I feel that they hold some historical significance such that they add something to the overall picture.
Whilst I slowly change the site to suit this new brief there may be many pages which are inaccessible. Apologies for any inconvenience during this time.

3 thoughts on “Going back to basics

  1. Most thoughtful Dan to delay this announcement until the day after the US Election. FBI could use you.
    Seriously,this is a great resource and many thanks for keeping it available. Rgds,haigavel

  2. This is an absolute gem of a website! I DO KNOW how you feel, and know what you mean about finding time to keep it going, and update it. What you MUST NOT do, EVER, is scrap it or close it down – you have put in far too much time and energy! It is a fabulous creation, I just hope you can find time to nurture it in the future. Geoff Wright (Southport Historian)

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