Match Report – Liverpool Daily Post – 04/11/1882

“The tie for the English Association Cup was played at Aigburth on Saturday. The ground however being heavy militated somewhat against brilliant play. For the Ramblers, Baxter kicked off, the wind against him, and play was confined for some time to centre of the field, but Coleman by a nice run passed to Rylance, who was cleverly stopped by Baxter, the latter taking the ball up to the Southport 25, a shot at goal being safely warded off by Burnett. The Ramblers soon after obtained a corner, Heald making a good shot, but the Southport forwards rushed the ball down to the Liverpool’s 25, and a splashing scrimmage ensued in a regular quagmire, F G Heaton clearing the Ramblers quarters. Soon after, in consequence of a foul, Southport had a free kick unpleasantly near the home goal, but the sphere went over the bar. The subsequent play up to half time was slightly in favour of Liverpool but no point was scored. On resuming, the Ramblers forwards, by a nice sweep, threatened the visitor’s territory and obtained a corner, but nothing resulting, Rylance sped away, but was cleverly halted by Gladstone, who passed to Heald, who in turn centred to Baxter and the ball was turned over the line. The corner kick was well headed out, but almost immediately another corner fell to Liverpool, and the ball, being well thrown in the goal, was kicked by Baxter from a bully in front of the visitor’s posts. Yet another corner fell to Liverpool, and after threatening the Southport goal, the leather was sent off the line to the left of the goal. On kicking out, A Dalby took the ball away and passed to Rylance, who, with Coleman’s assistance, pressed the Ramblers quarters. Baxter however, relieved and, after a throw in by Southport, the Ramblers worked down field, but Coleman and Rylance getting possession and working well together were quickly within the Ramblers 25, and a shot at goal was unsuccessful. After the kick out the Ramblers worked with a will and were quickly scrimmaging the ball in front of the Southport posts, Earle putting it through. Again was danger threatened, as the Ramblers, being busy again within the Southport 25, and, by a well directed shot, Baxter again scored: almost immediately after from a corner a fourth goal was kicked by J F Bateson. Southport being defeated at the call of time by four goals to nil.”

(Liverpool Daily Post, 4th, November 1882)