Match Report – Liverpool Mercury – 10/10/1882


The above match took place at Southport on Saturday, in the presence of 400 or 500 spectators, who envinced the greatest interest in the varying fortunes of a well fought game, the number of ladies who were spectators being an especial and most pleasing feature of the day. The kick off took place at 3 30, and the Ramblers immediately took the ball into the Southport half of the field and for some time closely pressed their opponents, but by a well-concerted rush of Southport, in which Messrs. Colman and Briggs were prominent, a goal was secured. However, after change, the Ramblers, playing admirably, secured a well-earned goal, and thus equalised matters. The rest of the day’s play, though the game was well sustained, did not produce any tangible results. The Ramblers backs, Messr’s Turner and Pilkington, deserve especial praise and Messrs. Baxter worked well amongst the forwards. Messrs. Briggs and Colman of the home team forwards, and Mr Barnett, among the backs, also distinguished themselves. The teams were – Southport: W. Platt (goal), T. Barnett and P. Pedcock (backs), K. Rieland and E. Rammsbottom (half-backs), Colman, J. Briggs, A. Dalby, C. Hambler, Alfred Daulby, and E.S. Calvert (forwards). Liverpool Ramblers: S. Hormby (goal), Turner and Keyworth (backs), R.M. Pilkington and Heald (half-backs), P. Batesou, the brothers Baxter, W. Earls, P. Wilson and W.Croft (forwards). Messrs. Action and Haddon umpires, and Garston referee.”

(Liverpool Mercury – 10th October 1882)