Match Report – Southport Guardian – 20/12/1884


By the good display of the Wanderers’ team of late Association admirers are rapidly increasing in Southport, and as each successive match is played on the Wanderers’ ground increased patronage is received from the public. The above match proved no exception to the rule, and it being the first appearance of the Crossens team in Southport there was a very large turn out to witness the match. The Wanderers had a strong eleven on the field, as the Crossens team soon found out to their cost, they being pressed very hard; but the home team only managed to score two goals up to half-time. On crossing over the Wanderers soon began to assume the upper hand again, and within a few minutes of the commencement of the second half the home team scored another goal, and before the call of time two more were added to their credit, their supporters cheering as each point was gained. The game terminated without any further score, leaving the Wanderers victors by five goals to nil. The score would have been much larger, but the Wanderers were very unfortunate in their shots at goal, owing to the ground being very slippy.

(Southport Guardian, 20th December 1884)