On This Day: March 13th

On this day in 1897 Southport faced South Shore. One week previous Central had suffered a shock defeat at their hands which newspapers described as an apalling shock as recent performances had in no means pointed to that result.

Hallows’ unfortunate absence had meant Bryce, Kirwan and Shadbolt all having to switch position and under those circumstances the defeat was perhaps less surprising than you would have thought.

On this day however Hallows returned, Kirwan sacrificing his place.


Competition: League
Date: 13/03/1897

Southport Line-Up: Tom AbramTom SmithWalter CunliffeJimmy TattersallLollie HalsallJoey Shadbolt, Sellers, Bryce, Charley Hallows, Lang, Curwen

Goals: Bryce, Curwan, Charley Hallows, Joey Shadbolt

Lancashire Evening Post – Saturday 13 March 1897