Own Goals

I know there is often dispute over deflections and own goals (cue the Earl Davis/Mark Houghton @ Hyde debate) and McGinns “first” against AFC Telford on Saturday (23/01/10) is a classic case in point, but Daly’s “goal” tonight (26/01/10) was as clear an own goal as you’ve probably ever seen.
He sliced/miscued his shot and it was heading well wide. The corner flag would have been more troubled by it than the goalkeeper had it not ricoched off a defender at nearly a 90 degree angle and nestled in the back of the net. By it’s very definition the defender caused the ball to go into his own goal, and therefore it should surely be credited as such. Daly’s effort would definitely not have been goalbound. On that basis I have recorded it as an Own Goal.

On the subject of Saturday’s first goal, the club seem to have credited it to McGinn. His free kick was certainly on target (unlike Daly’s effort tonight) however there is a bit more of a grey area here.
It was announced at the time as a Dugdale own goal, which I too also recorded. Watching the video footage back however it does look to have deflected in off someone, but it may have been the defender behind Dugdale. Either way, when the club subsequently issued the goalscorer as McGinn I changed my records. The argument I guess is what caused the ball to go into the goal as it isn’t clear whether the ball would have gone in anyway.