A Post-War Deficit

Southport F.C. £15,000 Down

Liverpool Echo – Saturday 08 June 1957

Southport F.C. have lost £15,000 since League football was resumed at the end of the war.

This unenviable position has been reached following a deficit of £2,739 during the year ending May 15, which is revealed in the club’s balance sheet, issued to-day. A year ago there was a profit of £1,063.

This year’s loss is a sequel to the club’s lack of success on the field. In their 36th annual report. the directors state: “Gate receipts. in common with most clubs show a decrease. The past season did not bring the results anticipated, several of the older members of the playing staff failing to find form of the previous season.

“Injuries again played no small part in the team’s lack of success.”

Gross gate receipts were £10,180. compared with £11,612 for the preceding year. Receipts from cup-ties were £2,981 — a drop of nearly £500 — while there was no income from transfers as against £2,050 under this heading the previous year. Had donations not been doubled, reaching £4,150 compared with £2,032, the club s deficit would probably have been the worst on record.

On the expenditure side, wages, salaries and bonuses accounted for £12,844, compared with £11,030. Other Items of expenditure with last year’s figures in parenthesis included travelling and hotel expenses £2,019 (£2,323), entertainment tax £2,037 (£2,456), transfer fees £1,975 (£400), and percentages to visiting clubs £1,310 (£1,563).


The lack of support at Haig Avenue is emphasised by the fact that Southport received £2,438 in percentages from clubs—nearly double that which they paid out.

The club’s balance sheet shows that the deficiency on the profit and loss account is now £16,958, and the bank overdraft £6,334. There are loans to the club amounting to £4,250 and sundry creditors totalling £1,478, and in addition there is a contingent liability in respect of a player’s transfer fee amounting to £300.

The annual meeting will take place on July 1, when the retiring directors, Alderman E W. Raynor and Mr. G. W Robertson, will offer themselves for re-election.