Match Report – Athletic News – 24/10/1883

The Blackburn Rovers v Southport encounter for the Association Cup was more of a farce than anything, so far as real good play went; but there was a lot of interest attached to the game, because of the good defence of the visitors in these moments of danger. The goal-keeping and back play for Southport was really surprisingly good, and Platt, Baxter and Burnett came in for a great deal of attention. For the most part, however, they were let off by the Rovers forwards, whose shooting was worse than I have ever seen it before, the spectators lots of times sending up derisive cheers at their poor attempts.

In the field however Rovers displayed fine form, as form goes, against such a team as Southport, though it must be said for the latter that they set themselves well out in the field, and sometimes they even passed with great cleverness. It was short-lived though, but it enabled Forrest to arouse the feelings of the spectators into enthusiasm by his grand kicking at half-back. Lofthouse again played well on the left and the passing of Douglas and Duckworth was very choice. Sowerbutts will make a good centre, if ever the Rovers are in need of a permanent player in that position, and his only fault on Saturday was that of all the other forwards – bad shooting at goal. Instead of winning by seven to nil, the Rovers should have trebled the figure”

(Athletic News – Wednesday 24 October 1883)