Match Report – Southport Visiter – 07/01/1882

Southport v Croston – This match was played at Croston, and after a hard tussle resulted in a win for Croston by four goals to two. Southport team, however, turned up short at the station, and had to play two substitutes, one of whom sprained his knee at the commencement of the game, and consequently was not much use. The game was very evenly contested, but Croston had the best of the luck. During the second half the Southport team were very unfortunate, and the only shot Croston had at their goal was put through by the Southport goal keeper mis-kicking. Ramsbottom and Melross played in good form for Southport. Southport Team: – Goal, J.Hollis; backs, Pidduck and Blockley; half-back, E.Ramsbottom and H.Baxter; forwards, J.Melross, W.Platt, J.Topliss, H.A.Smith, A.N.Other and T.B.Burnett (captain)