Match Report – Liverpool Courier – 18/09/1883

The Liverpool Courier

These Association clubs met for the first time this season at Walton Stiles on Saturday, and after a well-contested game victory declared itself in favour of Everon. Southport kicked off against the win and sun, when Morris by a long return, gave the sphere to Richards, who carried it down to the corner flag, but failed in centring. Having got the ball down at the Southport end the Everton backs were in no hurry to let it come beyond their 25. After repeated runs by Berry, Williams, and Richards, Melross got away on the Southport right, but not being supported was robbed by the Everton backs. Parry, who was especially prominent, at last sent the ball well to Higgins, who sent a stringer into Platt, which he fisted out well, but only to have it returned by Pickering, whose shot just missed and rolled over the bar. Melross and Briggs now caused some anxiety to the Everton goalkeeper, but the home backs defended so well that he was only once called upon to use his hands. This break, however, was only momentary, for immediately McGill was again in front of the Southport goal, but being pressed he wisely crossed to Williams, who sent in flying shot, which although not successful, led to a hot scrimmage just under the Southport posts, Higgins, Richards, McGill, and Berry each having shots in succession, but which were repelled by Whittaker and Platt. Half-time being called McGill restarted the ball, and passed over to the left wing, and by a very neat and pretty bit of passing between Higgins and McGill Richards was enabled to score the first point of the game for Evertom amidst cheers. This was followed by a more beautiful piece of play still, for by a concerted run of the Everton forwards (Williams being conspicuous) the ball was again brought up to the Southport goal, and McGill sent in a low swift shot which beat the custodian, thus scoring the second point of the game for Everton. On restarting the game was all in favour of Everton whose forwards played a splendid passing game, and after a really good piece of manceuring by Parry,, who is again in his old place, and plays with more than his accustomed skill, Higgins, and McGill brought up the ball, and centring, gave Berry an opportunity to score, which he accepted. No further score was added, and the game resulted in a victory for Everton by three goals to nil. The most active among the Southport forwards was Ambler, who played a very plucky game. Teams; – Everton; – Lindsay, goal; Marriott and Cartwright, backs; Morris and Parry, backs; McGill, Pickering, Williams, Berry, Richards, and Higgins, forwards. Southport; – Platt, Whittaker, Ramsbottom, Blundell, Melrose, Briggs, Baxter, Rylands, Ambler, Martin, and Mellor, forwards