Harry Schofield Grave

Grave Location: Duke Street Cemetery

Died of a brain haemorrage shortly before the start of Southport’s first Football League campaign.
He had been working on the football ground at Ash Lane in connection with the improvements being carried out. Some time after arriving at his lodgings in Bath Street he was taken ill. A doctor was called in but he died shortly afterwards.
2 months before he was joint beneficiary in a match played between a team of football “stars” arranged by Jimmy Fay and a team of Southport’s past and present players. It is a coincidence that he was due to receive his share of the receipts in the week of his death

Southport FC Career: 1910-1921

Harry Schofield
Unfortunately ‘Harry’s grave has suffered damage in the years since his burial and the Cross is now lain across top of the base.