Southport’s Offer To Stan Mortensen


Liverpool Echo – Wednesday 19 June 1957

Southport F.C. have invited Stan Mortensen, their inside forward and former England international, to take over supervision of the playing side of the team next season. Although Mortensen feels he has another two years’ usefulness left as a player, he is considering the offer carefully. If he agrees he will have charge of the dressing-room and be responsible for coaching, practice, policy, tactics on the field, and similar matters. Mortensen, who joined Southport from Hull City last February, is a qualified F.A. coach. Next season is going to be a vital one for Third Division clubs, all of whom will be keenly anxious to finish up in the top half of their table, in order to avoid dropping into the new Fourth Division, which will come into being the following winter. Obviously this fact has had some bearing on the board’s desire to make the fullest use of Mortensen’s experience and ability.


Another attempt is to be made to change the articles of the Southport club and make directorial qualification the holding of at least 1,000 ten shilling shares. A similar bid narrowly failed at a special meeting of shareholders last month. The present qualification is a minimum of 20 shares.

If the proposal goes through at another special meeting, to be held on Julv 22, six of the present directors may resign. Those holding a minimum of 1,000 shares at the moment are Messrs. J. Clough (chairman), F. E. Thornley (vice-chairman), G. W. Robertson and R. Howard. Of the 30.000 authorised shares, only 15,666 have been issued, and the club’s total indebtedness is £16,958.