Southport Football Club 1882-83

Season Results & Line-Ups

The following are the results and line-ups of all fixtures traceable. Other fixtures may have been arranged but there appears to be no record published in any local newspapers to confirm that they took place

23/09/1882         LIVERPOOL ROVERS (Home)                                             Won 4 – 0 (Report)

S.Platt (Goal); B.Pidduck, J.Hands, J.Briggs, T.Colman, E.Calvert, A.Dalby, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett, A.Irving

Goals: Dalby, Colman (2), Briggs

30/09/1882         Liverpool ‘A’ (Away)                                                           Lost 0 – 1

Clark (Goal); W.Kay, B.Pidduck, R.L.Rylance, J.Melross, J.Briggs, T.Colman, A.Dalby, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, W.Platt

07/10/1882         LIVERPOOL RAMBLERS (Home)                                       Draw 1 – 1 (Report)

FA Cup / 1

W.Platt (Goal); T.B.Burnett, B.Pidduck, E.Ramsbottom, R.L.Rylance, J.Briggs, T.Colman, A.Dalby, A.Dalby, E.Calvert, C.Ambler

Goal: C.Ambler

14/10/1882         Bolton Olympic (Away)                                                      Lost 1 – 5 (Report)

W.Platt(Goal); W.Kay, T.B.Burnett; R.L.Rylance, A.Bimson, E.Ramsbottom; C.Ambler, A.Dalby, T.Colman J.Briggs, , R.Howard,

21/10/1882         STACKSTEADS WORKING MEN (Home)                          Won 4 – 0 (Report)

Lancashire Senior Cup / 1

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, B.Pidduck, R.L.Rylance, E.Ramsbottom, J.Melross, J.Briggs, T.Colman, E.Calvert, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett

Goals: Briggs, Colman Kay (2)

28/10/1882         Birkenhead (Away)                                                             Draw 1 – 1

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, R.L.Rylance, E.Ramsbottom, J.Melross, J.Briggs, T.Colman, A.Dalby, E.Calvert, T.B.Burnett, R.Howard

Goal: Howard

04/11/1882         Liverpool Ramblers (Away)                                               Lost 0 – 4 (Report 1) (Report 2)

FA Cup / 1R

T.B.Burnett (Goal); B.Pidduck, R.L.Rylance, E.Ramsbottom, J.Melross, J.Briggs, T.Colman, A.Dalby, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, W.Hatch

11/11/1882         Kirkdale St Mary’s (Away)                                                 Lost 0 – 7

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, E.Ramsbottom, J.Briggs, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett, Halsall, W.Platt, A.Bimson, R.Howard

18/11/1882         UNITED SCHOOLS (Home)                                                 Lost 0 – 1

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, B.Pidduck, E.Ramsbottom, J.Melross, J.Briggs, A.Dalby, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett, R.Howard

25/11/1882         BOOTLE                                                                                  Lost 0-7 (Report)

W.Kay (Goal); T.Burnett, H.Baxter, J.Johnson, Parkes;  J.Melross, ,Smalley, C.Ambler, R.Howard, P.Mellor, Briggs

02/12/1882         LINDON (Home)                                                                 Won 4 – 1

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, B.Pidduck, J.Hands, R.L.Rylance, E.Ramsbottom, J.Melross, J.Briggs, P.Mellor, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett

Goals: Ramsbottom, Briggs, Burnett (2)

09/12/1882         Rishton (Away)                                                                    Lost 4 – 5 (Report)

Lancashire Senior Cup / 2

S.Platt (Goal); W.Kay, H.Baxter, J.Hands, E.Ramsbottom, R.L.Rylance, J.Melross, J.Briggs, P.Mellor, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett

16/12/1882         BURSCOUGH (Home)                                                         Won 2-1

W.Kay, H.Baxter, B.Pidduck, J.Melross, J.Briggs, P.Mellor, A.Dalby, C.Ambler, T.Burnett, J.Johnson

Goals: Briggs(2)

23/12/1882         EVERTON (Home)                                                                Drew 2-2 (Report)

S.Platt (Goal); T.Iddon, W.Kay, E.Ramsbottom, J.B.Hands, H.Baxter, T.Briggs, T.Mellor, A.Evans, A.B.Dalby, T.B.Burnett

Goals: Briggs, Evans

31/12/1882         BLACKBURN LAW                                                                Won 4-3

S.Platt (Goal); E.Rammsbottom, B.Pidduck, J.Heald, H.Baxter, J.Acton, W.J.Kay, J.Briggs, T.Mellor, P.Hassall , T.B.,Burnett (Capt)

13/01/1883         Bolton Olympic (Away)                                                      Lost 1-3

S.Platt (Goal); E.Ramsbottom, J.Parkes, R.L.Rylance, H.Baxter; C.Ambler, A.Dalby, J.Briggs, R.Howard, J.R.Hatch, T.B.Burnett (Capt.)

Goal: Scrimmage

03/02/1883         Tranmere (Away)                                                                Won 4-0

S.Platt (Goal); A.B.Dalby, J.H.Johnson, M.Aughton, R.L.Rylance, J.Melross, J.R.Smalley, J.Briggs, P.Mellor, C.Ambler, T.B.Burnett (Capt.)

Goals: Briggs (2), Ambler, Melross

10/02/1883         CROSTON (Home)                                                               Won 1-0

S.Platt (Goal); J.H.Johnson, Whittaker, H.Baxter, R.L.Rylance; C.Ambler, J.Briggs, E.Ramsbottom, Smalley, P.Mellor, T.B.Burnett

Goal: Rylance

03/03/1883         DOVER FC (Home)                                                               Won 2-1

*mixed 1st/2nd team fixture

Lawton (Goal); Howard, E.Ramsbottom, C.Ambler, P.Mellor, Hatch, Smith, Johnson, Whittaker, Carter, Iddon

10/03/1883         St Benedicts, Liverpool (Away)                                        Lost 1 – 8

*Possibly a 2nd team game. Listed in Athletic News but not Southport Visiter or Guardian

Goal: Urmston

No Line-Up Available

24/03/1883         BOOTLE  (Home)                                                                Lost 3-5

S.Platt (Goal); H.Baxter, R.L.Rylance; E.Ramsbottom, Dalby; Briggs, Mellor, T.B.Burnett (Capt.), J.Howard, Hatch, J.Melross.

30/03/1883         LIVERPOOL ROVERS (Home)                                             Won 3-2

A.B.Dalby (Goal); W.Kay, W.Whittaker, M.Aughton, Johnson, Hatch (backs); Briggs, P.Mellor, Evans, J.Melross, T.B.Burnett (forwards)

Goals: Briggs, Evans, Burnett

14/04/1883          MEADOW HEAD FORESTERS, BLACKBURN (Home)     Draw 1-1

Ambler, Whittaker, Ramsbottom, Rylance, Hatch noted in the report. Full Line-Up Not Available.

Goal: Burnett

21/04/1883         ST BENEDICTS, LIVERPOOL (Home)                                 Won 5-1

Kay (Goal); Whittaker, Johnson, Dalby, Baxter (backs); Ambler, Burnett, Briggs, Mellor, Barrow, Melross (forwards)

Goals: Ambler, Burnett (2), Scrimmage, Melross